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S.C.E.R.T. Uttarakhand was established on 17Jan, 2002 through  GO no.10-/Madhyamic 2002 to provide support to school education system through educational research and trainings. RTE act 2009 has mandated SCERT as the academic authority of the state.  SCERT Uttarakhand believes that every child can  learn and will realize its optimum potential if a favorable environment is provided.

Roles of SCERT

  1. Academic authority of the state as per RTE (Right to free and compulsory Education act) act 2009.
  2. Development of curriculum, syllabus and text books Elementary to Sr.Secondary education.
  3. To work for ensuring quality in school education.
  4. Development of training materials, teaching aids and curriculum for Teacher Educators.
  5. To conduct Educational research and Evaluation studies.
  6. To plan and organize pre-service and in-service training.
  7. Promote innovation in school education and trainings.
  8. Administrative and academic control on DIETs.
  9. Plan and implement teacher education programmes.

To coordinate with NCERT, SIEMAT, SSA, RMSA, IASE & CTEs, NUEPA, and other national institutions

Uttarakhand Goverment Portal, India (External Website that opens in a new window) http://india.gov.in, the National Portal of India (External Website that opens in a new window)

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